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Pictures of our shop...these are WORKING pictures -- which means that we did not stop work to take pictures!

<<=  Star A Liner =>>
Cheetah Series 17
<<=  Kansas Jack
Quick Anchor / Power Post

Brinks  =>>
SpraCure Paint Booth

<<=  Paint Mixing Area

Painting / Prep Building  =>>

<<=  Collision Shop
5 work bays (rear)

Shop Manager's Office  =>>
1 work bay (front)

<<=  Our newest addition for 2007
New office with 6 more
work bays in back

New Lift  =>>
Double Post for inspection
and repair work


New Photo Soon!
New Photo Soon! <<=  View from street

View from highway  =>>

New Photo Soon!
<<=  Customer waiting area

Operations Center  =>>
(Oh OK...the office)